Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I Sleep, Therefore I Am... and other stuff

I think my job here is to get as much sleep as I possibly can.   One thing mom, dad and I have in common is our love of the sun.  They go out every chance they get (leaving me with the whole place to myself) to what they call the beach.  They have this whole routine- the cooler, the water bottles, sandwiches, some slimy stuff mom always puts on her skin (and yells at dad for not using!), and they're off.  When they come back they're always tired, and I swear they seem a little darker. 
     I take the easy way.  Why go through all that shit, when you can just plop right down in a spot of the comfy, golden stuff right in your own home. Sunlight is like a drug to me.  Not that I need an excuse to nap, of course.
     One good thing about the approaching cooler weather is that I know mom and dad will be using blankets.  Well, mom, at least.  As much as I love to sleep on their laps I still prefer a soft, warm cover to their bare skin, or even these shorts-things they have on all the time.  I've curled up on dad's lap for most of my life, but I've grown quite accustomed to mom's since we met, and I know I'll get more mom-lap time since (sorry, mom!) she's always cold. 
     By the way- Thanks, mom, for rearranging the living room.  The lengths these humans will go to for my comfort is amazing!  Now I can sit atop my favorite loveseat and look out the front window more easily.

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