Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Mom's New Friend

This is someone mom and dad met in Home Depot the other day while shopping for some toys for dad.  He was in a shopping cart (the dog, not dad) with another 4-legged shopper being pushed by a nice  
lady, and mom couldn't stop her-
self from talking to the little guy.  The nice lady asked if mom wanted to hold him and she melted instantly.  The poor guy had no control over his tongue, and he settled right into mom's arms like a baby, with those big glassy eyes and that pink tongue just sort of hanging out. 
     Mom threatened to kidnap him, which would not have gone over too well with me, but the lady refused to part with him.  Mom reluctantly handed him back, and they continued on their way.


Old Kitty said...

Oh sweet Orbit!!! Phew! that was close! LOL!! Awwww but seriously! What a sweetheart!! Take care

William said...

Well, thank Cod somebody in that little cutefest had some sense! Really, the last thing you need is one of those. Plus, he looks kinda drooly. Ick.

brandi said...

Hold, cuddle, oooh and aaawww over and give back to real mom. One of the big rules for beans!

Repositório said...

So sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cattywumpus said...

Yeah, close call. Tell him to stick his tongue back in his mouth and go home to his mom.

Daisy said...

"Dognapping in progress, aisle 3"