Sunday, February 12, 2012

Some Mom Time

     Since dad found it so funny that I wanted to sit with him the other morning and he couldn't give me the time of day I thought I'd use these pictures to remind him that he isn't my entire universe.  
  See how warm and snuggly mom is?  Don't I look all nice and comfy?  This should make him think long and hard next time he thinks the laptop's more important than orbit!  Ooohh, mom's tummy is nice and soft and warm!  Oh, look how relaxed I am, perched atop mom while she sleeps peacefully.  How's that, big guy?!



Old Kitty said...

Awwww beautiful Orbit!! Mum does look like a most comfy bed!! Yay! Hope dad gets the hint! Take care

brandi said...

Puurrrrfect comfy bed! Mommies are always better than daddies. Somehow they are warmer and have nice pillows and stuff.

Daisy said...

I much prefer my mom to my dad. Moms rule!

Kea said...

Yes, I prefer a real book too, but think an e-reader would be very convenient at some point. Plus book storage always is an issue. :-)

Orbit, tell your dad that you're right, nothing is more important than time with you. I'd give a lot to have time again with "angels" Chumley and Annie. Life is too short, especially for our fur companions.

The Purr Diaries said...


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Michelle said...

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Tillie and Georgia said...

We think Moms are cozy and soft too ;)
So there Orbit Dad!!!!!!
Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
Tiger, Treasure and JJ

Lynda R Young said...

Aw, yep, the life of a cat is a good one. :)