Thursday, May 31, 2012

Our Little Person

Every true cat-lover likes to think theirs is the most amazing animal on the planet.  We are no different.  Right now, Orbit is asleep next to my wife, paws curled under him and his head against her pillow.  Every day he becomes more and more like a little person.  
     During the night he woke us up, as he so often does, with his annoying cute talkingAnd I don't mean quiet, from a distance, meowing.  He gets right up between us and lets us know that he wants attention, knowing fully well totally unaware of what time it is.
     Occasionally his... quirks can be a little annoying, but at the end of each day as we retire to the bedroom and lay our heads on our pillows, knowing that within moments he'll be jumping up to seek out his favorite spot, we are so thankful for having such a loving creature in our life. I'm sure he'd say the feeling's mutual, or at least I'd like to think he'd say that. 



Old Kitty said...

Awwww lovely Orbit is truly amazing and it's brilliant he has you both to look out for him and to love him as you do! A kitty so lively and brilliant at his age is just amazing, amazing! Take care

Repositório said...

Oh my... swet post about Orbit... He´s a lovely kitteh!! And he knows your love is mutual! True!

William said...

I'm sure Orbit *is* the most amazing kidlet on the planet--next to me, of course! And I know the feeling is mutual, too--cats never forget who loves them!

Tina T-P said...

Oh, I feel the same way about George & Gracie - and when they snuggle in at night, it is the most comforting feeling. T.

Michelle said...

I can't help but love cats. Even when mine licks my face at 2 am to be petted.