Thursday, December 5, 2013

Curiosity Did What?! II

Well, you know how they say "Curiosity killed the cat" or some sh*t like that?  Okay, so we are a curious lot, but I don't think it's really that dangerous.  I've had this obsession lately with sticking my head where it may not belong. 
     I can't help it.  Despite my advanced wrinkly age I like to explore, even if some things I find new and fascinating have been around me for a long time.  
      Unfortunately, the only  thing mom and dad have been able to get a decent photo of is me checking out dad's coffee, as you can see here.  I've recently gotten my head nearly closed in the refrigerator door, behind the refrigerator door against the wall, and, most recently I've taken to standing at the toilet with my paws on the rim of the bowl when a certain someone tries to pee.  
      I've followed mom into the bathroom too, but I can't quite access the bowl like I can when the big guy goes in there.  People are funny.
     Diet Coke fiend that she is mom always has a barrel of the stuff sitting around somewhere in the apartment, and I cannot keep myself away from the straw sticking out of the top.  Every chance I get I've gotta use the thing as a scratching post for my chin, and mom is constantly swatting me away from it.  


Quinn and Angel brandi said...

At least you don't DRINK the stuff.

Marilia Bavaresco said...

Heheheh! The last photo is funnY!

Eastside Cats said...

Oh Orbit! She shouldn't leave those straws where you can get at them! If they are in your territory, then you can claim them as yours.

da tabbies o trout towne said...

dood...ewe wood bee reeeeely nice of yur peepulz ta just OPEN de door two de fridge sew ewe could walk rite up, make a selectionz ore 83, take yur snax two a nice reeclinerz chair; give ewe de tee and vee ree mote...then shut de door ta de fridge..yea.....!!

William said...

I think if someone were on the ball, they'd fill a coffee cup with something good for you to lap!

Sparkle said...

I think you should have your own straw for chin skritching - it only makes sense.

Timmy Tomcat said...

I Have to admit I love poking into the odd container myself.
That straw thing I totally get as I like pens and a straw is only a short head rub from a pen in a hand. I like putting the bitey on the pen. Try bitey the straw about half way down.
Great fun at parties
Your pal

Ann Boyajian said...

I agree - you should have your own straw AND your own cup with something good for you inside!