Thursday, August 1, 2013

Time Flies When.., Oh, Whatever

Well it took a great deal of effort, but I finally got someone to get off his ass and help me update this thing. 
     Actually, it was the thunder and lightening that got him going this morning.  At three o'clock!  Poor old fart.  He's going to have a rough day, I can see it already.
     Anyway, this new job he took on has been beating him senseless, and his inability to get a grip on it has mom and me pretty near at our wits' end as well, since he comes home and dumps on us just about every day.
     Obviously, he hasn't been able to do much writing, or reading for that matter.  He did, however, manage to finish off "Silver Linings Playbook" (which only took him about a hundred years to read), and once he figured out that he wasn't going back to sleep this morning he decided to start "Forrest Gump", which mom picked up from the library.  Once I knew he was up to stay I convinced him, in my increasingly vocal way, to help me get a new post done.
     On a different note, he's been giving me canned food more frequently.  It only took a day or so before I caught on that it would be a regular thing, and now I start with what he refers to as my incessant crying pretty much from the minute he gets out of bed until he sets the dish down on the kitchen floor.  Hey- I want what I want when I want it.  Get over it.
     Apparently I'm not pooping all that well, and since I'm very old he and mom are concerned about my system not quite working the way it should.  Whatever.  I'll go if I have to, and won't if I don't, as far as I'm concerned.
     Okay, I'm bored already.  And I want my food.  I'm done here.  I won't let up, and I can see the irritation boiling in his face.  Bye.



Old Kitty said...

Well it's lovely to see a post and update from you gorgeous Orbit!! You take it easy now! :-) Take care

Kjelle Bus said...

Time Flies over here too :)
My mom-person is getting my post´s out in time , but she is moore than hopeless when it comes to help me visiting all my furriends regularly *sigh*
It´s very nice to hear from you and me do the same efurry morning I mioaw until I get some stinky goodnes :)

LP said...

Hi guys! Thanks for dropping by :)

In answer to your question...yes, Levon was named after the Elton John song.

And he shall be Levon..he shall be Leeeee Von!! :)

the critters in the cottage xo

Anonymous said...

orbit, your people love you so much, even if they are busy sometimes. Eat up that canned stinky goodness; it IS good for your system, and maybe they will add more canned pumpkin to help with the litter-box part of it all. Canned pumpkin has helped us, as well as a capsule of slippery's supposed to calm an upset digestive system. It works!

William said...

Glad to see you back, bud! You know how humans can get all wound up in stuff and we somehow wind up paying for it.

Hope your digestive bit gets resolved. I used to have a terrible time but my mom finally got over her *own* denial problem that I am an older boy and not some kid anymore and got me age appropriate food.

da tabbies o trout towne said...

dood...nice ta see ewe bak thiz way again....N ya gotta cut yur dad sum slak.....but onlee bout thiz much _
.....coz him iz werkin ta bring home de bacon N if itz knot bacon itz canned goods.....speekin oh ham samiches, hope ya get ta feelin better N stuff starts ta... mewve a long !!

Sparkle said...

Nice seeing you, Orbit! We all eat only canned food here (grain free too) and it is much better for us.

Ann Boyajian said...

Welcome back, Orbit! Our mom has been through all sorts of foods for Skootch - first he was constipated, and mom dosed him with Lactulose, and now it's the other problem, which seemed to coincide with the arrival of the kitteh youngsters. Mom hasn't figured that one out yet. Older kittehs have more delicate innards, so different food can help.

Tina T-P said...

Hi Orbit - glad to see you!

Sorry things are so hard for your Dad at his Salt Mine - Work can be so stressful some times!

This summer it has been so hot, I've been giving my crew Friskies Pate style food mixed with equal parts of water - that way I knew they wouldn't get dehydrated so much - and I used to do that with my Sinda before she went to the bridge at age 21 - Those itty bitty cans are kind of expensive, but they don't get stale like giving part of the 5 oz. size and she liked the flavors so she ate more. More in, more to speak. Good luck with that.

You all take care. T.

Timmy Tomcat said...

Our Rumpy and Buddy eat home made food one meal with a bit of soluble fiber in it.
It works for both loose or hard poopies. Imagine that. Ask mr Vet but dont go near the PTU
Purrs and glad to hear from you!

Timmy Tomcat said...

Good to hear from ya Dood! Yeah the typists sure need a shove now and again. So I dont know if I gave you the poop on our poop around this house so here goes.
Our Buddy is an elder but not near as wise as you my sage. He has the lock-poop. It can be like rocks.
Rumpy is a young fart who has the opposite. He dribbles. And he is a long hair. And he has no tail to hold this long hair off his happy-eye. And he was raised in a crate with no mom so never learned that you do not sit flat let fly. So add that up and you have a big messy stinky cat.
So Dad tried everything.
Now we get a morning meal that is homemade which is great BUT a lot of work.
The key is the Guar-Gum! Dad adds it to the food. If you blended a few cans of food with some water and added only a pinch of guar it will thicken. Just start with maybe 1/8 teaspoon or maybe half that to start and see how thick.
Maybe like thin pancake syrup would be great.
This stuff works for dribbles and sticking. Ask your vet if this is ok but I know you hate that dood. Make the typist call.