Saturday, November 5, 2011

Thanks... And Stuff

I want to take a moment on this dark, windy morning to say a big "Thank You" for all your very kind, positive comments on my peace post and pix (say THAT fast three times!).  I appreciate all of you, my new friends.  But now, I must return to my normal ways.

     "Don, da da don, da da don don don..." mom sang as she sprung (sprang? springed?) from the rocker.  Mom loves her rocker.  It was her dad's, God rest his gentle soul.  She finds great comfort in that chair.  Unfortunately for her, so do I, and we occasionally find ourselves in a standoff of sorts.  So last night she and dad were watching t.v., and she had to pee, and when a commercial came on (as they so f*#%ing often do) she jumped from the chair and sprinted for the scary room.  I just happened to be nearby (I was just walking around the living room, sniffing everything and poking around corners and shit, as if I'd just discovered stuff for the first time) and saw mom rise from the rocker, so I immediately lunged for it.
     Mom saw what I had in mind, so she turned around and raced back toward the chair, plopping into it just as I was about to jump up.  Ohh, was I pissed!  I just turned and walked away all cool and nonchalant, trying to do my best to make them think I didn't really want to sit there anyway.
     This happens often, this race for the rocker.  Sometimes I'm slow and sneaky, sometimes it goes like this.  They find it very funny.  I'm so glad I'm here for their entertainment. 
     Just so you're not all fooled into a false sense of dad's-such-a-sweet-guy-ness, the other night I was having one of my moments where I just lay in some random spot on the floor, usually turned away from mom and dad.  Apparently, dad thought it would be funny to kick off his slippers, one at a time, and they just happened to fly in my direction.  I don't think I've ever jumped so high, or heard dad laugh so hard. It scared the crap out of me, I'm not ashamed to admit, and mom came over, picked me up, and comforted me, tossing fierce, scolding words at dad.  She's right- for a handsome, manly (his words, not mom's) nice guy, he can be such an A-hole!


Anonymous said...

Is Dad jealous of your charms and good looks? Sounds like it to me. And it would be understandable. Human men could NEVER charm a woman the way a cat can.... a dog can, but not a human.

Daisy said...

Orbit, you totally crack me up!

ps: I guess you just have to wait for your mom to get off her rocker...

The Lee County Clowder said...

If there is a kittie sleeping on the rocker when Dad wants to watch TV, he just picks the kittie and puts said kittie in his lap. It is about 50-50 whether we cuddle in or leave in a huff.

Old Kitty said...

Awww lovely Orbit!! You are certainly being kept on your paws by mum and dad! Take care

Whisppy said...

Hahaha Orbit! If only there were pictures to accompany your story. That would have had Mom laughing nonstop on the floor! She's still laughing as it is.